Explore Chico!

Now that you have chosen Chico State as your four year college, it is important to familiarize yourself with your new found home! Take a day, preferably in the weekend, to just explore the town and see all that it has to offer. I strongly recommend gathering with some friends and exploring the shops in downtown Chico. One of the first things I did upon arriving to Chico State myself was going out and learning how to use the B-Line transit system with my new friends. I remember how scary yet exciting it was not being one-hundred percent certain how to get home. Going out and shopping while riding the bus, I would say, is almost like a stepping stone a Chico State college student gets to achieve. You can do quite a lot of things here in Chico like taking a tour in the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. plant, visiting the Chico Certified Farmers Market, exploring the Chico Air Museum, or taking a dip in the Sycamore Pool in Lower Bidwell Park. It really depends on the person on what they should go out and do. If you are more of a physically active person then the Sycamore Pool might be more for you due to the fact that this option requires a little bit of exercise. If you are of age and are legally allowed to drink, then a tour at the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. here in Chico might be a better choice. If you just finished taking a dip in the Sycamore Pool or just got done with a tour and a day of drinking, a meal might be a good idea. Check out the Chico Farmers for some of the best health tasting food in town! Either option you choose will make your day better and you will be glad you went out! If you want more options on what to do follow this link https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attractions-g32201-Activities-Chico_California.html .

Published by jordanndez

I am a freshman at Chico State who enjoys taking shots of the surroundings/environment around me and sharing it with the world. There are countless things to see in Chico and I am here to tell you all about them! Follow @chicoaesthetics on instagram to see exclusive shots! Follow my personal instagram page @jordanndez :)

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