Take a Road Trip!

Let’s face it, we all love Chico but at the end of the day it is a small town, which means that it can get boring here at times. When times like these are the cause of your boredom, just grab some friends, pack a snack, and pick a location! Now that we are in college nothing is holding you back from getting together with a group of friends and checking out a new place! College is time when we are allowed to bond with people our age to build fond memories to look back on later in life. Do not waste your time always being home and missing out on creating friendships that will last a lifetime! When friends get together to go on a road trip, they strengthen/deepen the bond of their friendship. Road trips give people a chance to get closer to each other in a more personal level. Just the music that will be playing on the trip will be fun to listen to because you find out what everyone likes to hear. Being stuck in a crammed car for a long time can be really hard but if you are with the right people that time should be fairly tolerable. Now because Chico is located where it is, there is so many options for places to visit! A road trip here can be as close as lower/upper bidwell or as far as San Francisco. Up here in Northern California there are lots of beautiful sights to see and explore. However, before you go off and travel on a new adventure, make sure to be completely prepared in case of an emergency. You can follow the link http://www.happycamperwives.com/2017/05/05/tips-to-road trip-like-a-pro/ to see what you should and what you should not do when going on a road trip.

Published by jordanndez

I am a freshman at Chico State who enjoys taking shots of the surroundings/environment around me and sharing it with the world. There are countless things to see in Chico and I am here to tell you all about them! Follow @chicoaesthetics on instagram to see exclusive shots! Follow my personal instagram page @jordanndez :)

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